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10 Things Wrong With The Democratic Party in 2017: #1 Illegal Immigration

So here we go again, blah blah blah…  The liberals are crying about everything going on in the world today, including my ingrown toenail and the fact it could scare kids.  In fact, I often tell people that you will never find a happy liberal because they have an internal need to always be crying about something.  Think about every liberal that you know. I have even tested this theory with my brother, who has given me years of liberal logic that defies not only common sense, but reality as a whole.  Sometimes I feel after having a conversation with him, like part of me just gets lost in his incoherent rambling and never is found.  I digress.

So, as we launch the new and improved Crusade Against BS I will list 10 political policies that the democratic party are not only wrong on, but their logic is skewed towards insanity.  Be ready for this.  Their logic will blow your mind.

10. Illegal Immigration

This is one of those instances where you think both liberals and conservatives would agree, but as usual Liberal Logic has run a muck again and made another simple issue of securing our southern border into a messy racist argument.

Before we get into the Whys and Why Nots, we need to first just figure out the argument of the left, because it’s absolutely insane.  The left brings up undocumented workers (or illegal aliens) whenever immigration is talked about.  It’s fascinating that they support millions of people in our country who suck off our welfare systems, abuse our medical facilities, commit crimes, and take jobs that YES other Americans would like to have.    It should be a no-brainer that we have to get control of this problem, if not for Americans in general, but for our our security since we don’t know who is coming across the border.  However, Liberal Logic dictates that if illegals are here, they can vote and they want those voters.  It is that simple.  Now, you are probably saying,  how can that be, illegal or undocumented immigrants cannot vote.  You would be sadly mistaken.  They can and do vote.

The fact that nobody buys that is one of the most ridiculous statements ever made in the realm of politics.  Let me ask this to the left, if illegal immigrants voted conservative in bunches, would the left support them being here? Probably not… Oh wait, let’s look at a current example and test the humanity of the liberal mind.

Cubans illegally immigrate to our country daily.  They often come by sea and land on the beautiful beaches of Florida, which is conveniently located just 90 miles to the south (Blame that one on nasty Neocons).  We even had a policy for this known as “Wet Foot, Dry Foot”.  Meaning if Cubans make it to the United States, they would be allowed to stay in our country . This has been the policy for decades, until the Cubans voted  against Hilary Clinton helping Florida go Republican for Trump. In fact, 54% of Cuban Americans in Florida went for Trump out of an estimated 640,000 Cuban voters.  So, stopping the further growth of this segment in Florida would help Democrats in the long term, at least possibly.  On January 12, 2017, Obama killed the policy saying,

“By taking this step, we are treating Cuban migrants the same way we treat migrants from other countries.”

That is a WOW statement.  If the left truly cared about immigrants and refugees, you would certainly accept Cubans from the Communist dictatorship in Cuba, right?  Wrong.  It’s not the immigrant status they support, it’s the what will you do for them mentality. They care about illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America, who come into our country, abuse our systems in many cases, and in the end are dependent on Liberal polices, therefore voting for Democrats.  So, they are GOOD, Cubans are bad.  Horrible policy. So to sum up, Cubans get sent back, illegal immigrants who cross over our southern border get ignored and stay.

Now, back to the voting.  President Trump has stated that millions of votes were illegally cast.  They said dead people voted and illegals voted. All of that has been true for decades.

The left has realized they have no chance to win elections without minority voters.  With 90% of the black vote wrapped up and paid for, they now look to the Hispanic vote.  Of course, with current immigration policies, it would take a long time for those numbers to increase as the United State does actually limit the number of immigrants that can enter our country every year.  Those numbers are roughly 1 million legal immigrants per year, and that is not just from Mexico clearly.

Of course, the next argument would be THEY CAN’T VOTE. Wrong again. Watch the video below as the President actually encourages illegals to vote.



So how do illegals vote? Better question is, how do they get jobs with e-Verify in place?  I actually witnessed first hand how this is done here in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Here is how it happens for all you libtards who don’t think it’s possible for illegal immigrants vote. When a person wants to illegally enter the United States they tend to come prepared.  While in Mexico or after they enter for the right price, they buy the identification they need to legally work here. That is a Social Security number and name.  Those numbers are stolen from both living and dead people.  A man here in Las Vegas, we will call him Rolando purchased a living SS# and worked on it for 10 years.  he also had 2 kids, got married, and voted.  In 2015, the person whom he was “borrowing” the SS# from found out and put an end to it.  To this day he is fighting deportation.  With that Social Security number, Rolando was able to work, get a drivers license, and therefore VOTE UNDER HIS FAKE IDENTITY.

Now that is one example. I’m sure it is repeated hundreds of thousands of times.  Of course, in many states you don’t even need an ID to vote, just be registered.  This joke that nobody illegally votes is ludicrous at best. It also shows that not only did Hilary lose the popular vote, it’s my guess President Obama was the first and TRUE illegitimate President since we cannot know for certain if he would have won either election without the support of illegal votes.

In the end, liberals do not care about what’s fair, they never have.  They work to gain control and through control have power.  It is why they pay off the black community for votes and allow non-US citizens to vote (as stated by a standing US President).  We are a nation of laws and we are a kind and inviting people.  However, allowing one party to control the country by using the means that the Democratic party uses is wrong and destructive.  Thanks to the American people, we overturned this power and handed it back to the American people with the election of Donald Trump.

Liberal Logic is based on insanity, so you always have to start at INSANE.  If you believe that illegal immigrants should be allowed to vote in our elections, you are wrong.

If you believe we should turn away Cuban refugees, but look the other way when Mexicans enter the country, you are not only wrong, but politically racist.

Here  is where things will get very very bent for liberals.  By allowing so many illegal immigrants into our country, you have created a serious employment problem.  I think we all agree that most illegal immigrants take lower paying jobs.  Many of those jobs are important to our communities.  Many of those jobs were reserved for American low skilled workers.  These low skilled workers use to be able to find plenty of employment, but with illegal immigrants undercutting them on pay, those workers get screwed.  Let’s give an example.  Say I want to get my yard cleaned and trimmed.  I could go to a landscaping company that hires legal workers and pays decent wages or I can go to the local Home Depot and pickup illegal immigrants and use them to save money. Eventually, the landscaping companies either layoff their native workers or just hire illegals themselves to compete.

With illegals willing to do work so dirt cheap, they bring wages down or at the very least keep wages stagnant.  During Barack Obama’s 8 years as President, wages were absolutely stagnant. In fact, American families make less now than they did when Obama took office.

Now, I can do what the insane left-winged media does and blow your mind with useless statistics that make your eyes cross until you pass out. Instead, I’ll simplify my point like this.

under Obama unemployment fell to below 5% while adding over 10 million jobs.  Average pay checks went down and raises over the past 8 years were non-existent as seen by the chart above.  Even more startling was that Americans on Food Stamps jumped up over 36% during Obama’s tenure,while Corporate profits jumped through the roof.

Does any of that add up?  If jobs are plentiful and paying well, why did food stamps jump by 14 million, medicaid by 10 million (free insurance under Obamacare).  Chew on those numbers and realize that the Liberal Logic makes zero sense and the numbers they produce to support what they have done are either made up or stretch the truth beyond even things Carl Sagan would think up.

Everything that Obama produced in jobs is complete bullshit.  The 10 million jobs he produced were primarily comprised of low wage jobs meant for low skilled workers or illegal immigrants.  It why the corporations are profiting at record levels and it’s why none of us get raises.  Simple supply and demand explains the wage issue.  If you want a raise, and your company can hire someone cheaper than you with the same skill set, brush off your resume pal.  There is a strong labor force and a sad amount of good paying jobs. What does that equal, low pay for all.

If you remove the 2.5 million estimated illegals who entered during Obama’s time and we assume for the sake of this argument that most of them had jobs and then you give those jobs to native Americans, the supply of workers drops, pay increases and the economy gets a boost.  Sure, corporations won’t make record profits, but who gives a f#@k.


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