Crusade Against BS

This ‘Crusade against Bullshit’ blog represents our humble attempt to help inform and awaken all those dormant Americans who suspect that their country has been hijacked but are not exactly sure by who and why. Make no mistake, the original American experiment that our Founding Fathers brazenly introduced back in 1789 is a distant memory, as it has been gradually replaced this century by a new and increasingly dangerous Corporatocracy. This Corporatocracy, best described as an appalling alliance between an increasingly pervasive federal government, an abusive, and criminal central banking system and behemothic business interests is the most insidious threat to American democracy that our country has ever faced. As this dispassionate machine continues to erode democratic traditions, the Constitution, and free market principles, most Americans stand idly by, as their personal and economic freedoms are embezzled from them in the country that they own. It’s time to pay attention, get involved and help reverse the course before it’s too late.

Vic Colfari – Vic Colfari is not known for his diplomacy or toleration, and his overzealous quest for truth and justice sometimes has him resorting to unconventional Constitutional enforcement tactics. Sometimes these tactics will involve the injudicious use of profanity, interrogations with heavy wooden objects and the occasional high-speed motor boat chase. While there is likely to be some measure of property damage when Vic Colfari is working a case, his persistent allegiance to justice and Constitutional principles make him an unwelcome guest at Barney Frank backyard BBQs and annual Bohemian Grove gatherings.

Alasondro Alegre – Alasondro Alegre no longer has the knees to work the streets, but he is a recognized authority on herbal teas and tries to take a more cerebral approach to Constitutional enforcement. He can often be seen in the station lounge with a copy of the Federalist Papers, and commonly refers to James Madison as the ‘Mack Daddy of Modern Republican Government’. Alegre tries to reign in his sometimes impetuous partner Vic Colfari, but his efforts are frequently to no avail. This results in many hours of filing reports with the commissioner explaining collateral events like why it was necessary to commandeer a school bus in a hardware store shoplifting arrest or how the Police Department helicopter ended up in the lobby of the Trump Tower.