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Are Teachers Scamming America??

We have all heard the admiration for teachers throughout our lives.  We’ve heard the wonderful impact they have on our communities by teaching are kids and providing well educated Americans for our future.  However, the reality is different and the teacher has now become the problem.  First and foremost they no longer teach as they did 20 or 30 years ago and in fact they follow lesson plans developed by people in the department of education.  What teachers have become are pseudo babysitters while America’s parents work to pay taxes.

In the old days, becoming a teacher meant terrible pay, but great benefits and lots of time off.  Now, the pay is very good and still the great benefits and time off.  In 2009, the average US worker pulled in $36,587 a year, while the average (median) teacher according to was $53,719.  Is that not ass backwards?

Wasn’t the stressful private sector suppose to pay for the government workers and therefore make more money.  Wasn’t the sacrifice of a teacher leaving the private sector to become a crusader for eduction suppose to be a pay cut?  You see, the economy has gone into a tailspin and the private sector has been devastated with millions of people out of work.  SO with less revenues, states are cutting back on teachers, the holy grail of government workers.  Of course, they are up in arms and rallying their unions to get violent over cuts. I see it here in Nevada and we all saw it in Wisconsin.

The reality is, revenues are down and those still working in the private sector have seen massive pay cuts.  There are folks who lost a job making $60,000 a year and have taken jobs making $35,000.  Why is it ok for the working man to take a pay cut, but not the teachers?  Why is it ok to layoff private sector workers, but not teachers? It makes no sense that government workers get shielded and bailed out time and time again.  Paying for them with worthless borrowed money from the Federal Reserve that loses value each time they print more.

I’m sorry teachers, but if the private sector is feeling the pinch, then so do you.  Welcome to the reality that you helped create.  Pay cuts are coming and so are limited benefits, but hey, you will still get 3 months of the year off!

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