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Cock Punch of The Week: Fake News Rachel Maddow Is a Media Sloth Towards Trump Free Rides Obama

When will the abuse of power by the media come to a stop.  I guess nobody noticed the media over last 8 years because there were little or no media storms for President Obama.  Besides his daily softball questions, the media refused to investigate or strongly question the President  on anything.  Can you imagine if Donald Trump has a Fast and Furious, Benghazi, or for heavens sake the IRS screwing with Liberal 501c organizations directly before the 2016 election?  Oh…

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How The Liberals Politicized Science and Are Destroying Its Integrity

Let's talk about science.  Science and scientists hold an incredibly important role in modern society.  Everyday people depend on science to determine what is safe for us and what can help us.  Science can let us know what is wrong and even how to fix it.  in effect, science is magic. In today's world, science has become murky with the pollution of politics..  In the old days where science would challenge itself and people within the scientific community would question…

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Cock Punch of The Week: James Clapper Tells The Truth Again

It's been another exciting week with the White House after Donald Trump made allegations that Trump Tower was wiretapped by the Obama Administration. Of course he did this, not through the media, but through his Twitter account and we all know how much that pisses off the media and the left in general. Of course, it is 100% true that the Justice Department did in fact wire tap him and ask the FISA court for permission twice.  It's the truth…

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We Celebrate Women on International Women’s Day & Yes, We Love You For Everything You Do!

Today is International Women's Day and while there is no "Men's Day", we will still celebrate with our favorite sex of our species, women.  As a married man with a daughter and a mom, I recognize the contribution that women bring to family and society.  They are the bedrock of the family and the heart of our nation.  They are the mothers who care for the youth of the nation and they are the wives of the men helping to…

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How School Vouchers Lift The Lower and Middle Classes And Why Liberals Fight to Maintain the Monopoly

Over the past several years, going back to the Bush administration, the country has been discussing the idea of school vouchers at a heated pace.  While many Americans may not fully understand what school vouchers are, democrats have been fighting against with them with the same vigor they fight abortion rights and illegal immigration.  So what is the problem with school vouchers? Better yet, what are school vouchers and what will they impact.  Before I get all crazy on my…

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Debunking Climate Change Conspiracy Liar Bill Nye

Before we get started, let's get to know Bill Nye.  Mr. Nye is best known for being "Bill Nye, The Science Guy" on PBS from 1993-1998, to which he entertained young children with his zany approach to simple science.  He does have a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University in 1977.  As a B.S. graduate myself, a mechanical engineering degree is an engineer, not a scientist, so lets debunk that HE'S NOT A SCIENTIST right off the…

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Cock Punch of The Week: Michael Moore Accuses Trump of using Widow of Fallen Navy Seal

The "Destroy Trump Train" continues to roll through the land of liberal with the latest accusations against Donald Trump.  This time, President Trump invited Carryn Owens to his speech in front of Congress  and paid respects to her husband, Navy Seal Ryan Owens.  During the speech, Ryan received a standing ovation that was the longest in the history of Congress and one that was a beautiful moment for the country. Sadly, liberals are attacking the President for using her as…

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The Liberal Elite of Hollywood have Lost Their Minds and History!

Holy conniption fit! The elitists in Hollywood have officially gone off the deep end and attempted to win, "The Howard Dean I'm Nuts Award" with that amazing performance at the 2017 Oscars.  Nothing makes me more happy then to see a bunch of overdressed, overpaid, mentally broken rich people who lack any true view of reality lecturing us on our politics. Let's examine this a bit more closely through the lens of a normal rational human. PUTTING IT INTO PERSPECTIVE Every…

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Cock Punch of The Week: Teacher Knee Rams Pre-K Special Needs Boy Just Because

Nothing disturbs us more here at Crusade Against Bs then watching people, who otherwise could not help themselves be needlessly abused, harassed, or attacked. Last year (March 17, 2016), a teacher at a Tift County Pre-K Center in Tifton, Georgia bulled over a special needs student knocking him hard to the ground.  Please watch the video below: Luckily, this outrageous and cowardly act was caught on video or nothing would have been made of it.  The result of this action…

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10 Things Wrong With The Democratic Party in 2017: #1 Illegal Immigration

So here we go again, blah blah blah...  The liberals are crying about everything going on in the world today, including my ingrown toenail and the fact it could scare kids.  In fact, I often tell people that you will never find a happy liberal because they have an internal need to always be crying about something.  Think about every liberal that you know. I have even tested this theory with my brother, who has given me years of liberal…