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Cockpunch of the Week: Government Shutdown or Bull$#it Politics

Ok, so we’ve all heard the ramblings from the White House, Democrats, and Republicans.  They are all heavily debating cutting spending to save are fledging union.  They talk about cutting the federal budget by billions to get our spending under control, but what does it all mean?  Here it is for the layman.  

The 2001 fiscal budget was $3.8 trillion.  That was left with a deficit of $1.65 trillion.  Looking forward to 2012, the federal budget is looking to be $3.73 trillion with a smaller deficit of $1.1 trillion.  Of course, they are estimating much more in tax receipts for fiscal year 2012.   Let’s just forget about estimates and other crap.  Let’s  focus on the fact that between 2011 and 2012 we are looking down the barrel of $2.75 trillion in new debt.  That is sick.  Right now are beloved politicians are at war trying to cut $33-$73 billion from the 2011 budget.

Federal Budget – White House

Are they for real?  You have a $1.65 trillion deficit and you are arguing over pennies?  America is sick.  Unlike regular Americans who have all had to tighten their  belts during this recession, the United States government hasn’t done the same.  While Americans buy less food, sweat more in the summer, go on fewer vacations, and give up their pay channels on cable, the US government continues to fund every useless program under the sun.   Why can’t the government tightened it’s belt like everyone else?

So why we sit here and listen to the politicians debate a few billion in cuts, the rest of America suffers.  What Americans have to remember and they have to keep in mind, IT’S OUR MONEY!  I’ts our tax dollars and we have say.  It’s absolutely amazing that the liberals can whine about ending the Bush tax cuts, wich would have added $80 billion a year in revenues to help our $1.65 trillion deficit, but they can’t manage to cut $80 billion from the deficit.

It’s sick.  All our wonderful politicians deserve a cockpunch!

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