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Cockpunch of The Week: Liberals Defending GMOs and hating on Organic Foods

OK, so I never thought this would happen.  I am in a drop down nasty argument about GMOs and organic food with a liberal.  First off, liberals have to stop thinking that Libertarians are the enemy.  Go to your President for that one.  Still, I find it amazing that liberals who drink too much kool-aid still believe that ANYTHING the government tells them or that see on the news channels they choose to watch is the only truth. Case in point, GMOs.  So the other day I spoke to well known liberal family member about GMOs and eating organic food.  There was no political reason for this, I just care about him and his family.   I got lit up that day.  Telling me scientists say there is nothing wrong with GMOs.  Even his fan favorite Bill Mahr doesn’t like GMOs, but since President Obama is a fan of GMOs, so is he.

Normally, GMOs and organic foods are arguments supported by liberals, but even screwed up liberals find themselves in a heap of trouble similar to a conservative being greedy while watching poor children starve.  What trouble is that?  Well, here you have a liberal-based argument that goes against what our government is doing.  Of course our government has teamed up with Monsanto to allow GMOs to be untested on humans and ignore all the negatives of producing food in mass quantity by genetically modifying it. I told him that there are actual real deal scientists who do not think GMOs are “alright.”  After long talks and eventual arguments, I said watch this video, Genetic Roulette The Gamble of Our Lives.  Instead of watching this documentary and getting a different point of view, this idiot takes the time to discredit the film maker?  Yea, he did.  Here you have a passionate film maker who gathers a multitude of PhD experts in the field and with some helpful funding creates a fantastic movie on GMOs and his move is to discredit it.  ENTER SEAN HANNITY AND BILL MAHR for similar moves.

Wow is the word.  I swear I felt a cockpunch on that one.  The end result, we aren’t talking and he is super mad. All over me trying to inform him on GMOs and that he should eat more organic food.


What this proves is that kool-aid drinking liberals are not only the biggest problem this country has, but they are idiots.  They don’t care what is better for us as a nation.  They only care about saving face and always being right.

Well Chris, you are right.  GMOs are safe.  Organic food is a waste of money.  EAT AWAY!

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