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Debunking Climate Change Conspiracy Liar Bill Nye

Before we get started, let’s get to know Bill Nye.  Mr. Nye is best known for being “Bill Nye, The Science Guy” on PBS from 1993-1998, to which he entertained young children with his zany approach to simple science.  He does have a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University in 1977.  As a B.S. graduate myself, a mechanical engineering degree is an engineer, not a scientist, so lets debunk that HE’S NOT A SCIENTIST right off the bat.  For awhile now, Mr. Nye has been on the assault against anyone who doesn’t support the current global warming science.  Wait, I’m sorry.  After the Earth cooled for 17+ straight years the left changed the wording to “climate change” because you just can’t argue with that.  The Earth’s climate is always changing!  Excellent move nubs on the left.

Back to Billy. I had the displeasure of watching him argue with Tucker Carlson (watch it here), where he said that climate deniers are suffering from “cognitive dissidence”.  While I don’t feel that I’m conflicted about my views of climate change I think maybe Bill might be the one suffering from “I Need To Get Paid Dissidence”.  He’s in support of climate change for only two reasons, it makes him somewhat relevant and he can make money.  If Billy doesn’t fight for climate change then he’s just the CEO of the Planetary Society.  Yea, you probably don’t know what it is and you are not alone.  In that interview with Tucker Carlson he said multiple times that the science is overwhelming in support of climate change.  Tucker attempted to separate climate change from man-made, Billy just ignored him.   Of course words matter and what words are you using Mr. Nye Billy Bob?  I think that every human on earth agrees that the climate is changing and there is science to back that up going back at least 1 billion years (do we need to go back further?). So, we are agreed Mr. Nye, the climate is changing.

When Tucker tried to challenge the”overwhelming scientific data”, Nye just ignored it and continued with his climate change saber rattling. Like a bad Jennifer Lopez movie, ENOUGH! I’m officially calling climate change a conspiracy theory and I’m here to debunk it. We’ve known for along time that global warming was bullshit and that the powerful elite have used it as a scare tactic to stop the wasting of natural resources, slow population growth, and just save more of the Earth for those with billions in their bank accounts.

What Billy refuses to examine in the name of science is the impact of our sun and the universe around us can have on our planet.  We have satellites observing the sun for this very reason right now in SOHO and STEREO and till about 9 years ago, Ulysses.  The sun is the largest object in the solar system with the power to give and take away life.  However, this massive star is completely ignored by people like Nye because it doesn’t fit their your carbon footprint is ruining the Earth narrative. So, is the Earth getting hotter because of the sun/universe or is the climate change man-made(Probably in China)? The best way to examine this theory is to apply a hypothesis to the argument in the honor of science.

My hypothesis is climate change on Earth and the other planets in the solar system is occurring due to increased solar activity and/or interstellar radiation.  Now, let’s see if I can prove my theory.


Everybody loves Mars!  It’s Earth’s second favorite planet.  Back in 2007, Habibullo Abdussamatov, head of space research at St. Petersburg’s Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory in Russia says the Mars data is evidence that the current global warming on Earth is being caused by changes in the sun.  The reason for this analysis was the ice caps on Mars were melting according to observations from the Mars Global Surveyor. As of 2016, scientists were reporting that Mars was coming out of a ice age with the observations of the ice caps melting and retreating.  I’ve placed the article below for the details.

The facts are Mars is warming up and showing signing of global warming, but it lacks fossil fuels. What could be causing it to warm? Most likely the sun, but there is another argument to be made.  We live a massive and vast universe.  Our planet, sun, solar system, and galaxy are moving through it at tremendous speeds of 828,000 km/hr.  It takes our solar system 230 million years to orbit the Milky Way galaxy, so everyday of our lives, we are entering a new part of the galaxy human history has never seen.  Could that new area be ripe with gamma rays, solar radiation, remnants of a supernova, or just something from a left over star?   Could it be the red dwarf that orbits with our son in the binary system that it is (still a theory, but why not)?  Whatever is heating up Mars and Earth, it’s not humans.

Jupiter and its Great Red Spot

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is a massive red hot storm twice the size of the Earth that has been raging on Jupiter since Galileo observed it 370 years ago, but it has been continuously observed since 1830.  According to NASA it is shrinking and it has shrunk by allot.  Current numbers put it at about  10,250 miles across (Earth is 7,918 miles in diameter). Back in 1979 when Voyager 2 flew by, we got our first real measurements at 14,500.  By 1995 it was 13,020, and by 2009 only 11,130.  This is a massive hurricane style storm that has lived on Jupiter for as long as we have known Jupiter, but all of a sudden the storm is shrinking at a rate of 580 miles per year?  That is climate change no matter what side of the issue you stand on.  Something on Jupiter is changing and it’s messing with the biggest continuous storm in the solar system.  Again, not to sound like a smart ass, but no man-made fossil fuels on Jupiter, so what’s the cause Billy Bob? Let’s move on….

Saturn and its moon Titan

Since the launch of the Cassini space probe, we have learned a great deal about Saturn and it’s moons.  Studies from the University of Virginia found some climate change activities on Saturn’s largest moon Titan.  Titan is one of the most fascinating objects in our solar system.  Besides being the second largest moon in the solar system, it is covered with a thick atmosphere and has amazing geologic features, including rivers and lakes of ethane and methane.  Scientists believe that Titan’s atmosphere is much like our own ancient atmosphere, so it’s worth examining it closely to understand our own evolving climate (yes, scientists admit they need to learn more about our climate). Researchers at the University of Houston are studying the data coming in from Cassini to help understand how climates evolve and develop.  This is interesting because according to Nye, the data was in and it’s man-made. Right?  Not so fast Mr. 1977 mechanical engineer.  According to the University of Virginia,

Graduate student Alex Morgan and professor Alan Howard use the geographic distribution of terrain types to decipher the geologic history and climatic evolution of this moon. From their mapping results, they hypothesize that Titan has experienced a relatively brief period in which precipitation was able to affect geomorphic change, possibly triggered by solar brightening or a large impact event. Precipitation is currently declining and retreating towards the poles.

This data shows that unexpected climate change can and is occurring throughout the solar system and not just on Earth.  While we are still studying this data to completely understand how it’s happening, it’s important to note that if it’s occurring on Titan and possibly Saturn, why not Earth?  Let’s move on.

Neptune’s Moon Triton and Pluto

In a study released by MIT, yes the Massachusetts Institute of  Technology, say that global warming is occurring on Pluto and Triton. Both have abundant nitrogen frozen on the surface and in the atmosphere.  When that nitrogen melts, it collects in the atmosphere and creates more surface pressure.  According to MIT, Pluto was closest to the moon in 1989 and has been warming ever since as it moves away from the sun.  Now, this could be a leftover effect from being closer to the sun for both Triton and Pluto, but the effects are the same and should be studied to fully understand climate change in the solar system.

The Hell Planet Called Venus

Finally, there is our sister planet Venus.  Now this sweetie as been experiencing global warming since we first observed it.  The scientific value Venus has is tremednous. We can view a planet much hotter than ours with a comparable atmosphere and see how the climate develops.  We have learned so much about Venus and its climate from Magellan, Venus Express and other probes that have visited.  What we have learned from Venus is that it’s hell.  The atmosphere is 100 times thicker than earths made completely of carbon dioxide.   It is the hottest planet in the solar system averaging roughly 750 degrees. The assumption Billy Bob Nye could make is that we could eventually because Venus if we keep spewing gases into our atmosphere.  First off, Venus doesn’t have trees to swallow up all that delicious carbon dioxide and the amount of carbon dioxide that we would have to send into our atmosphere get anywhere near levels on Venus would likely take millions of years.  Furthermore, Venus is much like Earth in it’s early development.  We will never become another Venus for many reasons, but in case of a asteroid or super volcano we could get close.

To sum up, Bill Nye  is a really smart and passionate person, but he has no clue what he is talking about when it comes to climate change.  He’s not a scientist, but he pretends to be one on TV.  Science guesses allot and science is not always correct.  In fact, they get it wrong all the time and that is the beauty of science.  Testing theories and advancing thought are the hallmarks of science.  We must advance thought on climate change because if it ends up not being man’s fault then it’s a huge screw up that could end humanity as we know it. Rather then think we always have the answers that make us famous or get us paid, we are better off examining all possibilities.  If the science is so perfect, then why can’t they give true evidence to global warming and not just made up computer models and video of the same tiny icebergs breaking off Antarctica.  If science is so amazing, then what happened to all the dire predictions Al Gore made in his movie, An Inconvenient Truth? Shouldn’t the east coast be underwater and the ice caps be gone by now? I mean, if science was correct they would be.

Sorry Mr. Nye, the science is not all in on man-made climate change.  There are over 31,000 scientists have signed a petition against your science and many more are against it who didn’t sign it.  Here’s a number for you to play with.  Out of all the CO2 in the lower atmosphere, only 3.75% is from man.  The rest, the oceans and nature.  Maybe it’s time to consider our sun or maybe we are traveling through highly charged particles in a part of our galaxy and it’s heating up the magnetosphere, therefore heating up the atmosphere before we blame man. We also need to consider our own data.  First off, most of the data is funded by groups who are looking for proof of global warming and when they can’t find it. they find another school or scientist who will find it.

Why not support third party blind funding? For those who don’t know what 3rd party blind funding is, let’s inform you.  Currently, if you want to get a grant to study climate change, you go a entity and fill out a request. The problem is, you know the whether or not that “entity” wants to find global warming.  Let’s call the entity the Sierra Club.  We all know they believe in man-made climate change, so if you wanted their funding, you have to fund climate change.  Enter blind funding.  Third party blind funding would take all the money for research throw it in a pot and let the researchers do what they do best, RESEARCH. No pressure and you get the best results with no skewing of the facts.

We do not have the greatest temperature records of earths climate history, so allot of what we do is guessing and computer models.  We have what we can find trapped in the earth and our own measurements going back to the 1800’s at best.  If we can’t determine how the rest of the solar system is heating up, maybe we shouldn’t just assume that this is all us.  The earth as gone through ice ages, droughts, extreme heat, and extreme cold in it’s 4.5 billion years of history.  Let’s not assume that the end all be all are some people living on the planet.  In the end, the earth will out survive mankind no matter what we do.

Mr Nye,

You are the CEO of the Planetary Society.  Learn about all the planets before you tell people they should be jailed for not supporting false data that wasn’t provided by third party blind funding. Also, show you overwhelming scientific facts rather than going on shows attacking those who disagree with you.


Michael Crichton was an amazing author and a super liberal.  However, he was shunned by liberals when he wrote the book, State of Fear.  It’s a story about the bullshit argument over Global Warming.  Check out the link as it gives allot of detail as to why this liberal changed his mind about Global Warming.


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