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Have We Witnessed The High Point of Obama’s Failed Presidency ?


It didn’t matter that he was citing words flashing by on a teleprompter, because his ostensible sincerity transcended the usual mechanical spuriousness. The President gracefully attempted to conciliate the anguish caused by an appalling random event, simultaneously honoring the victims commending the heros, and averting any political accusations with a rare eloquence not often seen in modern American politics.

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, the 6 killed, and 13 wounded victims of the Jan 8th shooting tragedy deserved no less.  The Tuscan speech represented such an emphatic healing gesture that even Rich Lowry from the National Review called it “A magnificent performance”.

It was unfortunately one of few occasions in the past two years that gave a reminder to many Americans why they voted for the unproven 47 year old Senator from Illinois back in 2008.

Since then, Obama has seen his popularity pummet from a 65% approval rate at inauguration, to a level of 46% this past week.  Sixty-eight percent of Americans currently believe that the country now is heading down the wrong track.

The federal deficit now stands at an alarmingly and record-breaking 14 trillion.

He provided a healthcare plan that most Americans didn’t want, many more don’t understand, and most government insiders cannot evaluate in terms of fiscal impact.

We are still in Iraq, and he has advocated an escalation of the pointless Afghanistan fiasco.

He has effectively diminished whatever remaining credibility the Nobel Peace Prize had by accepting it for what can only be described as a directless and ineffective attempt at foreign policy.

He promised change, only to betray his pledge with misquided status quo appointments like Goldman Sachs cronies Timothy ‘Eraserhead’ Geithner and Larry ‘Fiscally Insane’ Summers.

Barak Obama’s Tuscan speech may very well prove to be the high-point of a presidency which seems destined to fail…For at least one night, Barak Obama didn’t appear to be a phony.

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