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How School Vouchers Lift The Lower and Middle Classes And Why Liberals Fight to Maintain the Monopoly

Over the past several years, going back to the Bush administration, the country has been discussing the idea of school vouchers at a heated pace.  While many Americans may not fully understand what school vouchers are, democrats have been fighting against with them with the same vigor they fight abortion rights and illegal immigration.  So what is the problem with school vouchers? Better yet, what are school vouchers and what will they impact.  Before I get all crazy on my liberal brothers let me state that what I will present to you are the facts.  If we are truly here to give our children a better education and a leg-up in their future, then as parents, citizens, and taxes payers we need to do more for our children.


All the talk coming out of educational circles is that we are failing our kids.  On one side they say we aren’t putting more money towards education and the parents need to do more. On the other side they are blaming the quality of teachers, the schools and the government mandates.  All that aside, we are failing our kids.  While the United States spends on average over $11K per student in our country in 2016, that money is isn’t improving education.  in fact, the United States is one of the top countries for per pupil spending, so why are we ranked below countries like Poland and the Slovenia in reading, writing and math?  Simple, the involvement of the government and the teacher’s unions.  I know nobody wants to upset teachers and certainly nobody wants to bother the education system as a whole.  It’s almost like liberals treat public education like it’s social security, it’s untouchable. That couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Education is our greatest weapon in fighting ignorance, terrorism, and poverty.  It’s the one gift as a people that we can give to all our children with no questions asked.  If that is the case, then why are we failing our children with a broken down education system?  We fail them because we allow politics to play a role in education.  Along time ago liberals took over the education system as a way to indoctrinate our children into their progressive movement.  I’m not going to get into all that now, but we will later.  However, by having a system setup to teach children that the government is awesome and that is solves all problems, is not teaching our children.  Our kids are coming out lacking in a basic education because of bullshit like common core or a focus on social education rather than just reading, writing, and arithmetic.  You know, the three “R’s” of education(WHAT???).  That fact that we teach kids about sex, but not business is appalling.  Or how there is a focus on sexuality, but not voting.  About the only voting kids do is pretend elections where their teachers use that to teach children to vote democrat.  So when your kids rank 2nd (2013 IPSOS Mori) in overall world ignorance behind only Italy, we have a problem.


“The state of schooling, elementary, secondary higher schooling in the United States is deplorable. That evidence is available for all of us to see.  It is a conclusion that all of us recognize and order aware of.” -Milton Friedman, 1976


Nothing is better than living in a small house with a huge rich house right next door, right?  Better yet, nothing is better than driving your old beat-up clunker, when your neighbor has is Mercedes detailed weekly.  So I guess nothing is better than you dropping your kids off at a under funded public school, while your wealthy neighbors send their kids to private schools.  Those rich kids tend to go on to higher education and end up making allot more money than the kids in public schools.  This is part of the larger income gap problem with America.  Nobody argues that you get a better education from private schools and everybody agrees that giving our children the best education possible is what needs to happen.  Then why all the fuss?  It’s about control. I have written time and time again that liberals only want control and by having control they can develop our society they why they want too.  Remember, those who write history, determine history.

Also, you get what you pay for.  Did your parents always tell you that.  From birth, wealthier kids are not smarter than middle class children or even lower class children.  They just aren’t.  I’m sure you can make a case for the parents involvement, but I’m sure wealthy parents are just as busy as the rest. Kids are much like adults where they need to buy into something if they are going to do it, but in public schools there is nothing to buy into, its free.  With private schools, the wealthy have much smaller school sizes and teachers who can teach they way they want to and are hamstrung in what they can teach by Washington D.C. Maybe the question should be asked, why do private schools even exist?  Let’s google that. Oh wait, they were an answer to crappy public schools.


So the answer is school vouchers and man does it piss off liberals, but why?  First off, the teachers unions are corrupt.  If you have a horrible teacher, they are nearly impossible to fire.  In fact, there is no way yo track teachers performances and hold them accountable.  If a teacher has a class and kids are failing at a fairly high rate, what can the School District do?  How about zilch.  How about they don’t care.  If a teacher has poor performing students, they blame the students and parents, but not the teachers.  When I was in 10th grade I had an horrific Geometry teacher. She hated her students and frankly hated teaching, and her students felt the same about her.  When the semester was over I finished with a 58%, F.  By the second semester,  I did a bit better with a 59%, so was it me?  No, the entire class was failing.  In fact, on the final examine, only 2 students score above 80%. The class scores were so bad, that she had to grade the test on a curve, which was so high it brought my 60% I got on the final examine all the way up to a 73% and I passed.  I still had to repeat geometry for the one failed semester.  The next year I had a fantastic teacher and I scored in the high 80’s percentile. So, Mrs. Fox  should have been fired like anyone else at a private job would have been for just generally sucking at their job, but not teachers.

Enter private schools.  Private schools unlike public schools have to perform well or they won’t get paid.  PERIOD and that is the fact.  So, if you send your child to private school, they hire only the best people to teach and often focus solely on educating the child for the world that is the status quo. I don’t think anyone argues that you get a better education at private schools, do they? What the problem is again are politics.  Since Liberals hare hell bent on eliminating religion altogether in society, they are all in on the hate for religious private schools.  They don’t care if the quality of education is better at the religious schools, they hate that they have anything to do with religion.

Now,we all know private schools cost money and in some cases allot of money. They range from $3,000 a year to $30,000 based on the level.  Most middle class families cannot afford that and forget it for lower class children because they are out of luck.  Let’s also factor in that the inner city schools are given less funds than

In a 2104 articel by the Las Vegas Sun (my hometown) titled,  Nevada’s school funding formula among culprits for latest ‘F’ grade on education, it cited the following,

While the Silver State has increased its school spending, the Education Law Center criticized Nevada for not distributing enough money to students who need it most: children from low-income families.

Poor children require more resources to educate and mitigate the economic disadvantages at home. A “fair” school funding formula is one that allots more money to high-poverty schools, according to Rutgers researchers.

Nevada received an “F” grade — last in the nation — for having a regressive school funding formula. Researchers estimated that wealthier Nevada school districts received $11,145 per pupil while poorer districts received $7,712 per pupil — a difference of more than $3,400.

This disparity in funding affects student-teacher ratios. Wealthier schools can afford lower student-to-teacher ratios while poorer schools cram more students into classrooms, researchers found.

Researchers projected that wealthy Nevada schools had student-teacher ratios of 15-to-1. At poor Nevada schools, student-teacher ratios were estimated around 21-to-1.

Nevada was among 19 states nationally that had a regressive school funding formula. Rutgers researchers penalized Nevada for having a regressive funding distribution system, but also low per-pupil spending.

Nationally, Minnesota had the most progressive school funding formula, whereby school districts with poorer students received more money than districts with wealthier students.

HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? I thought our liberal education system valued every child the same, so why are wealthier school districts getting more money then the low-income districts?   Education is the only way that poor children can rise from poverty and we should give them every chance

School vouchers is the answer.  You want to make schools and teachers accountable for their work, school vouchers.   You want to make school districts accountable for how they spend money, school vouchers So let’s work with that $11K per pupil number.  If you told parents that if they didn’t want to enroll their child in a public school, but rather choose a private school that the government would take the same money they publicly would spend on the child and give it to the parent it’s a win-win.  Now the parent has options.  Maybe the parent can scrape together $4,000 a year for better schooling, but the school costs $15,000.  Now, that school voucher changes that child forever.  Instead of going to an underfunded school in  a bad environment, those parents have the same opportunity as the wealthier parents to send their child to a private school and change that child ‘s life forever.

Isn’t that fair?  Sure the School District will loose that $11,000 in funding, but at least class sizes will shrink.  Overall, the effect on public schools should be positive with smaller class sizes and healthy competition.  I mean, FedEx and UPS revolutionized the mailing industry and ended up helping, not hurting the USPS. Schools would more apt to removing bad teachers if it meant they may lose more customers (i.e. students) if they don’t provide quality education.  Let’s allow private schools to help public schools and while doing that helping our children out of the cycle of poverty provided to them by liberal policies.

I see why teachers would hate this.  Right now, they have free rein to perform however they want too and that can have bad results.  Now, teachers will be held accountable.  Not be threat of being fired by the Principal or school district, but by parents and students opting for a different school.  Teachers are great people, nobody will argue that.  They do a job most of us could and would never do.  While they complain about their job, most of those complaints would be solved by private schools.  If Nevada could reduce the class size with the school voucher program, that will help the teachers. Schools would perform better and maybe even get more federal funding because they are performing better. In every industry competition is always healthy.  Monopolies are illegal and the government hammers companies that have monopolies.  Why then is the public education system a virtual monopoly?  Let’s stop the madness and let parents have school choice.  Let then take the money that they pay in taxes and send their children the best schools they can afford.  Stop allowing only the wealthier members of our society in the club of great education. If you truly want to improve the lives of kids in inner city schools, give them the choice to get out.  If you want to make a better future for our children, give them choice.

End the monopoly of public education and return the sovereignty of our education back to the people.


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