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Is Bull$h1t Really a Bad Word?

Hey everyone it’s your favorite Vic Colfari. I’m baaack!

The crusade against bullshit is back from a lofty crusade. While away I got many questions about the name of the site. People would tell me, “but it’s a bad word.”

Really? I mean, really. Has anyone heard what they say on TV these days? Now, don’t get me wrong, I curse like a sailor. I curse at games on my TV, I curse at my dogs. I curse at bad drivers, I even curse at general stupid people.

I just liked it back when TV was pretty much a sanctuary protecting us from bad language and even nudity(for the record, no issue with nudity).
Now, I sit and watch Tv with my children and I hear words that don’t need to be there. Words like bastard, ass, bitch, dick, jackass, whore, asshole, and past certain times fuck and shit. I’m no prune, but the curse words don’t really enhance the content of the show. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is not any funnier or more profound because it says fuck, shit, or cunt.

So, in short, bullshit is not a bad word, but maybe it should be. That is my answer.

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