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John McCain, Please Go Help The Libyan Rebels, We Will Wait Here

Oh, and don’t forget to bring your checkbook, because America is done paying for the misguided foreign policy blunders of you Congressional geo-political geniuses.

BENGHAZI, Libya — U.S. Sen. John McCain, one of the strongest proponents in Congress of the American military intervention in Libya, said Friday that Libyan rebels fighting Moammar Gadhafi’s troops are his heroes.

Really McCain, the Libyan rebels are your ‘heros’? It must be nice to be able to so easily ascertain the good guys from the bad guys in what can only be described as an incoherent tribal squabble. Please don’t bother to see the complexity of the situation as you shelter yourself from any relevant facts in your delusional ‘freedom’ bunker.

    Are you really even sure who comprises this ‘nobel’ uprising ?

on a per capita basis, no country sent more young fighters into Iraq to kill Americans than Libya — and almost all of them came from eastern Libya, the center of the anti-Gaddafi rebellion that the United States and others now have vowed to protect,

eastern Libya, which is the home of the Islamic Libyan Fighting Group, an anti-Gaddafi organization officially designated by the State Department as a terrorist organization.

Eastern Libya has been described by U.S. diplomats as a breeding ground for Islamist extremism.

U.S. officials declined to discuss the make-up of the anti-Gaddafi forces in eastern Libya, and U.S. intelligence agencies declined to comment publicly.

Oh, that’s a big surprise, our intelligence agencies don’t want to discuss anything that could be usefully applied for the purpose of formulating an intelligent foreign policy decision. Don’t worry guys, we have all the information we need anyway. Evidently this valiant freedom force of possible Islamist extremists are the ‘wind beneath’ John McCains wings.

    Et Tu, John McCain ?

It of course needs to be mentioned that the United States, in exchange for abandoning it’s fledgling nuclear aspirations, had fully restored diplomatic relations with Libya and Colonel Qaddafi under the Bush Administration in 2003.

Then just a couple years ago, in August 2009, Mr. Maverick McCain himself paid a personal visit to Colonel Qaddafi that went so swimmingly, he just couldn’t hold back his accolades and pledged to ‘expand ties’ with his newfound authoritarian compatriot.

Sen. John McCain, visiting Libya this past week, praised Muammar Qaddafi for his peacemaking efforts in Africa. In addition, McCain called for the U.S. Congress to expand ties with Qaddafi’s government, according to Libya’s state news agency.

“Senator McCain and the delegation with him expressed their deep happiness to meet the leader and praised him for his wisdom and strategic vision to tackle issues of concern to the world and his efforts to sustain peace and stability in Africa,”

But we know, foreign policy is fickle business. Maybe Qaddafi said something insulting on Johhny McCain’s facebook page.

    So What Happens After Qaddafi ?

Oh yeah, and let’s not consider what happens if our Libyan heros prevail in their ambiguous, but possibly righteous struggle to topple the suddenly villianous Qaddafi.

To be sure, extremist elements make up only a portion of the resistance to Gaddafi and have been present in every popular uprising in the region stretching from the Iranian revolution to the Egyptian people’s overthrow of Hosni Mubarak.

Unlike neighboring Egypt and Tunisia, Libya lacks the steadying hand of a military to buttress a collapsing government. It has no Parliament, no trade unions, no political parties, no civil society, no nongovernmental agencies.

The greatest fear — and one on which experts differ — is that Al Qaeda or Libya’s own Islamist groups, which withstood fierce repression and may have the best organizational skills among the opposition, could gain power.

But others caution that in the chaotic jockeying for power that will ensue, whether or not Gaddafi is forced from power, eastern Libya’s extremist groups will emerge….as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Friday about the immediate future of Libya: “We don’t know what the outcome will be.”

That’s right,’We don’t know what the outcome will be.’, and it’s none of our business anyway. If John McCain is so certain he can guide the Libyan revolution to a positive resolution, noone is stopping him from volunteering his services as an independent guardian angel. We’ll pay for airfare and a cute little red beret, just leave the rest of us out of it, and best of luck.

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