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Kansas Supreme Court And Planned Parenthood Update

Kline is pictured here receiving the Christian Statesmanship Award from Dick Bott, President of the Bott Radio Network.

On Monday, February 21, there will be a hearing held before the Ethics Committee in Topeka, Kansas.

At the direction of the Kansas Supreme Court, Disciplinary Administrator Stanton Hazlett has targeted Former Attorney General Phill Kline.

Their goal: to humiliate and discipline the only prosecutor in our nation’s history who criminally charged Planned Parenthood by removing his license and framing him with wrongdoing.

Their problem: They are trying to do this to an innocent man. There are no ethical problems.

The abortion industry and their friends in the Kansas Supreme Court are trying to send a message to all other prosecutors across America. The message is this: “Do not mess with Planned Parenthood! Do not try to expose their illegal activity! If you do, we will ruin you, your political career, your livelihood, your law license and your reputation“.

Is Planned Parenthood above the law? Or do they simply have friends in high places to fix it so they are never held accountable for their illegal activity?

You decide……

Former Attorney General of Kansas, Phill Kline, who honorably served the state of Kansas from 2002-2006, was the only Attorney General (who later became a prosecutor of Johnson County, KS) to equally apply and enforce the basic rule of law against abortion providers.  This effort to enforce the law ultimately led to charges against George Tiller and Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid Missouri.

When Phill Kline began to investigate credible evidence that Planned Parenthood was breaking the law, the abortion industry nationwide recognized the threat to their billion dollar abortion business, $350 million+ yearly federal tax dollars, and their public image. As a result they poured over $2 million dollars into Kansas to defeat Phill Kline in his re-election race for the office of Attorney General, in order to avoid being criminally charged.

The abortion industry succeeded in placing their own Attorney General (Paul Morrison) in the Attorney General’s office in January, 2007.  This was achieved with the assistance of then-Governor Kathleen Sebelius   Attorney General Paul Morrison dismissed the original charges against late term abortionist George Tiller.  He later re-filed lesser charges which allowed for Tiller to be acquitted in 2008.

Attorney General Paul Morrison, at the urging of Governor Sebelius and the abortion industry, turned his guns to investigating Phill Kline instead of Planned Parenthood.  That investigation has gone on for over 4 years now.

Tactic:  “If you can’t defend against the evidence, discredit the one who gathered the evidence.”

The rest of the story:

Judge Richard D. Anderson

Not long after the abortion industry and their friends defeated Phill Kline in the Attorney General’s race, he was appointed to the Johnson County District Attorney’s office by the local Republicans.  This allowed (now) District Attorney Phill Kline to retain jurisdiction over the Planned Parenthood investigation. At that time, he was given permission by Judge Anderson, the judge who was overseeing the investigation of Planned Parenthood, to move his investigation from the Attorney General’s office to the Johnson County District Attorney’s office. (Judge Anderson had reviewed all the evidence, and became a key player in all of this).

In October 2007, Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid Missouri was charged with 107 criminal charges, which included 23 felonies.

In one of the first pre-trial hearings on the felony criminal charges against Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid Missouri, Prosecutor Phill Kline, in a surprise legal move, called Judge Anderson to the stand to establish the evidence.  Judge Anderson, under oath, testified to the illegalities of the case against Planned Parenthood.  This was devastating to Planned Parenthood.  It was not long after this that there was a gag order issued forbidding Judge Anderson from any further testimony.   (5 of the 7 judges on the Kansas Supreme Court were appointed by abortion rights Governor Kathleen Sebelius).

YES!! You read this correctly!

The Supreme Court of Kansas intentionally silenced the key witness in the felony criminal case against Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid Missouri.

The time that followed this order until this day has been spent investigating Prosecutor Phill Kline.  In a letter dated December 29, 2010, it was disclosed that the disciplinary board plan to come after Phill Kline.  They have now lined up over 30 witnesses and a whole lot of trumped up evidence to present at the hearing on Monday, February 21, 2011.

Why has the Kansas Office of the Disciplinary Administration ignored evidence that Phill Kline has been cleared of any wrongdoing?

Three separate entities were asked by the Kansas Supreme Court and the Disciplinary Board to review allegations of misconduct against Phill Kline.  On all three occasions the findings concluded there was no evidence of wrongdoing. These reports can be viewed below:

Did the Kansas Office of Disciplinary Administrator lift most of their complaint directly from a previous motion filed by late-term abortionist, George Tiller?

This comparison document reveals the politically charged motivation of the disciplinary board. It shows the obvious parallels between Dr. Tiller’s motion (Sept. 15, 2009) and the latest complaints filed by the Kansas Disciplinary Administrator (Jan. 19, 2010).

What about the Charges against Planned Parenthood?

Kansas Supreme Court Justices, five of whom were appointed by Pro-Abortion activist Kathleen Sebelius while she was governor of Kansas.

The charges are still in place, yet due to the advocacy of Planned Parenthood’s friends on the Supreme Court in Kansas; this case has been delayed and stalled.  Instead, the Disciplinary Administrator of the Kansas Supreme Court has gone after Phill Kline, accusing him of ethical violations.

Instead of going after the criminal activity of Planned Parenthood, they have investigated, harassed, and publicly maligned the prosecutor who presented evidence of criminal activity inside Planned Parenthood before a judge.   Probable Cause that crimes had been committed must be established by the judgment of a judge before a prosecutor can formally press charges.

Judge Vano reviewed the evidence and signed off on criminal charges.

Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid Missouri was charged in October 2007.

Every time that Phill Kline was summoned before the Supreme Court of Kansas and scrutinized, it was determined that he was innocent and that he was standing firm on the law and its proper application.

What is happening here…?

The abortion industry, through their friends on the Kansas Supreme Court, is trying to take Former Attorney General Phill Kline’s law license. They are sending a message to all other prosecutors across America.


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