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Must watch..How GMO’s effect Human Genetics

When I think about “bullshit”, I am often taken back to the topic of GMO’s. I found this video randomly one afternoon while looking for something to watch as I was folding laundry. That video was Genetic Roulette..The Gamble of our Lives, and it changed my life.
My opinion on GMO’s had always been in protest but this video took it to a whole other level. You can say what you want about the benefits of Genetically Modified Food. I call it all bullshit. Pro GMO Activist will tell you that our world would be starving without the help of GMO’s. Again, bullshit. We have plenty of food to feed everyone and further more I would rather not put the genetic future of humanity at risk.

The other topic at hand is the labeling of GMO’s. Can you think of anything more bullshit then denying us our given freedom to choose whether or not to purchase and consume these products? I guess that would be bad business for the big GMO suppliers, so they just keep poisoning us without our knowledge. In a perfect world our government would protect us, not intentionally put us at risk.

Bottom line is these foods were not meant for human consumption. I think about the potential danger I could be putting my family in simply by the meals I feed them! We live in a very toxic world and we need to stay informed. If it’s as simple as buying organic and inspecting ingredients, I’m in. Then I can sleep at night knowing the government doesn’t control the very health of my family.

Genetic Roulette The Gamble of Our Lives


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