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Open Letter To My Government Loving Liberal Brother

The Numbers Game and The Reality of Politics

Dear brother,
After we had another conversation about politics that erupted into an argument ruining a lovely night, I have to write in the hopes of changing you.  I know you feel the need to be right.  Not only about your politics, but your President. However, it is all a game that clueless people play.  Better yet, a distraction.  I also always appreciate getting side swiped by your talking points at family functions as though I come prepared with the onslaught of mass media and government BS that is being spread and regurgitated from your mouth.
I’m coming to you as a brother/friend, not as an opposing political party.  The information I will share with you gives me  hope that you will see things the way they are, without your political goggles on.  It’s not about politics with me, it’s about me raising my family and caring for my kids.  I do believe we can change the world with our voice, so yes we can make a difference if we all wake up and start talking, tweeting, and posting about it.
You see, nothing ever changes in politics and government,  except the rich get richer, the poor get, well you know.  The global elite (a.k.a. billionaires, bankers, corporations)  keep us all as slaves in the rat race for survival.  I go to work every day for my measly wage to help other men get richer.  You go to work as a cog in the system to produce more slaves educated by the  very education system that decides what they want the children to learn.  They teach us to work hard, go to school, get a good job, and live happy, but we don’t. We just get poorer.
Of course, many of us get angry and try to change the system, but they are ready for that with distractions by dividing us.  They divide America.  In fact, you can look to religion, which seems to be the antithesis to the Illuminati or “The Global Elite”.  The root meaning of Satan is “Adversary” The root meaning  demon is derived from daio “to divide” or “apportion”.  Of course “Devil” comes from diabolus (diabolos — diaballein), the Greek word diabollos which  means a slanderer, or accuser.
What does that mean for you and I?  Well, if the Global elite, a.k.a the bad guys want to stay in power, their leaders are the adversary and create a divide between us by slander and accusations against us.  It’s the oldest story in the book brother.
So, I come over to your house and you are dying to assault me with your propaganda (slander) about politics, which I can careless about.  As I’ve told you, I’m not a replublican or demoract, I’m AWAKE.  I see past all the rhetoric and the bullshit.  I see past cable news and flamethrowers like Bill Mahr/Sean Hannity.  They are all COGS in the game as well.  Even Hollywood is a major player.  Liberals decry torture and war, yet they drown us in it with their movies with blood and war.  Liberals preach racial unity, but Hollywood depicts blacks as gangsters, thieves, and thugs.  If this country would ever wake up from the RED vs. BLUE crap that was created to distract them, then things would change.  Electing a bought and paid for President like Obama that was selected for you will not change anything.  It takes a people that are awake to make change, not a great speech.
You always say, “So what, what can you or I do about it?” That is such a scared response.  You are afraid of what is really going on, so you hide behind a government who pretends to care for you.
How about doing this, get educated on what is going on.  Instead of ripping and blaming Bush for your problems and spewing Obama talking points, talk about what’s really going on.  Go beyond the distractions of the news because once folks like you and I are talking about it enough, more people will discuss it and before you know it things will change.  The “Global Elite” only fear one thing, an uprising against the establishment that they profit from.
You love to throw out numbers to impress me or BURN me as to how amazing your “GREATEST” President is doing.  I mean, he is a man for the people right?.  He did promise hope and change, right?  Well, let me introduce you to some numbers that are real, not fake or skewed for political purposes.
1.    The rich are getting richer under Obama.  In 2013, billionaires (450 in the USA) added 524 billion to their collective net worth.  I love this quote from Zero Hedge writer Tyler Durden, “The take home message is simple: while the New Normal is negative for everyone else, the rich are indeed getting richer. This status quo regime will continue until such time as the world’s poor realize their welfare state hosts are insolvent and overthrow a broken system, leading to a long-overdue systemic reset which almost took place in late 2008, but was deferred with a last ditch (and ongoing) effort by all of the world’s central banks to boost the wealth of the wealthiest with the biggest asset reflation experiment in history. The question of who will bail out the bail-outers when this, too, grand experiment in central planning fails, remains unanswered.”  Ouch to the rich.
Here is more:
“From the end of 2008 to the middle of 2013 total U.S. wealth increased from $47 trillion to $72 trillion. About $16 trillion of that is financial gain (stocks and other financial instruments).  The richest 1% own about 38 percent of stocks, and half of non-stock financial assets. So they’ve gained at least $6.1 trillion (38 percent of $16 trillion). That’s over $5 million for each of 1.2 million households.
The next richest 4%, based on similar calculations, gained about $5.1 trillion. That’s over a million dollars for each of their 4.8 million households. The least wealthy 90% in our country own only 11 percent of all stocks excluding pensions (which are fast disappearing). The frantic recent surge in the stock market has largely bypassed these families.”
No, the booming stock market has only made the global elite richer and has done very little for us in the “other 90%”.  It’s a farce and a joke, no matter who is President.
2.    The MIDDLE CLASS IS SHRINKING faster than the ice caps.  Never did any of us think the middle class would shrink under Obama, but it has.  In fact, middle class in Canada is doing better than ours.
But again you have a rosy view of it all because you haven’t had to raise a family and you work for the government and not the private sector.  Obviously with your new son here and your wife not working anymore you will get a very quick introduction as to how it’s been to be a father in a post-911 economy.
3.     Under Obama welfare and food stamps are expanding like madness.  You preach to me about a strong and dominant economy with a powerful recovery because of Obama.  As of the end of 2013, over 46 million Americans are on Food Stamps.  1 in 7 of us are on that form of welfare. ( When Bush left office, we were at about 27 million on food stamps after the financial meltdown.  Obama has not stopped the bleeding, but has only continued it. Of course, that is Bush’s fault.
The bigger question is why is welfare expanding if the recovery is doing so well and everyone is working? That is where I argue your next silly number, 6.1% unemployment. That is an crazy number made up by the government and means nothing at this point.  First off, what measures unemployment? We all know it is measured by a CPS survey by the Bureau of Labor that is primarily based on new unemployment claims.  Even they warn that those numbers are not accurate.
Some people think that to get these figures on unemployment, the government uses the number of people collecting unemployment insurance (UI) benefits under state or federal government programs. But some people are still jobless when their benefits run out, and many more are not eligible at all or delay or never apply for benefits. So, quite clearly, UI information cannot be used as a source for complete information on the number of unemployed.
4.    Underemployment is the real number to look at. This is the number of folks who are unemployed, given up looking, or in part-time, or temp jobs.  The actual definition for you is found here,  All of these people are suffering and it’s not 6.1%.  The BLS put out their averages for the third quarter of 2013 through the second quarter of 2014.  You can read it here, but I’ll sum it up for you, 42%.  That is the average for that period.  That actual current underemployment numbers are around 32%.  So that means, when you see the jobs report of 211,000 jobs created, they aren’t the kind of jobs we want.  They are McDonalds or Subway part time jobs.  Temporary construction jobs or temp jobs in general. Employment hasn’t gone up much, it’s gotten worse in many ways. You just have allot of people who have given up or are working three jobs to get by.  Worse, they are now on multiple forms of welfare to get by.  Not the America we hoped for under Obama.
5.    Let’s say jobs are increasing and the stock market is booming! However, what is happening to the American Paycheck? 83% of Americans make less than $55K a year with stagnant growth in pay.  In 2012 the average salary in America was $44,321.  That is up from $41,335 in 2008.  So over 6 years of Obama we have gotten taxed more ( and we get less back in tax credits, but the average paycheck rose 3,000!
a.       What am I paid Chris? $45K, you $52K.  Now you know why I’m pissed at government workers (teachers in this case).  You are suppose to make less than those who PAY YOUR CHECK, but you make more than the 83% if you add in all your benefits.   It’s why the system is broke and insolvent.
6.    Ok, so say you are OK with 83% of Americans making less than $55K and nearly 50% of Americans (Like Myself) living paycheck-to-paycheck with little or no savings ( .
THEN WHAT ABOUT THE RISING COST OF FOOD AND ENERGY?  These are the things we need just to get by.  The costs are staggering from inflation.  Inflation and the devaluation of the dollar has caused oil, food, and other energy to skyrocket.  Good food is no longer easily affordable to many Americans, but thank God for the food stamps.
7.    Finally, the national budget deficit.  You made a point that Obama has reduced the deficit.  Ok, so the 2009 budget handed to Obama from Bush was a record $482 billion (RECORD).  The 2014 budget for Obama, $583 billion.  Of course, this reduction is short lived, (It will go back up shortly)
So, while he’s reducing the deficit, it’s the debt he created since being in office that he is reducing.  I’d like to a  $0 deficit and so would my tea party and Libertarian friends.  All that money being wasted and going towards interest payments to our national debt could be used for creating jobs through infrastructure work.  In 2013, part of our budget was $223 billion in interest payments to the national debt ( What could we do with even some of that money for the middle class and job creation?  So, while you are OK with adding debt, you actually killing jobs.  The government is stuck in neutral with the staggering debt.  With all that debt, it can’t do anything, but raise taxes, which also kills jobs.
That is the true reason why we are where we are at.  It’s not politics brother, it’s reality.  Obama is an enemy to the state as much as Bush was.  Every President that fought the powerful global elite,  they either killed or tried to kill.  That is why I love Ronald Reagan, someone you hate.  What is funny about Reagan and most Presidents, is historically they are much more popular than they were during the presidency.  Reagan averages 53% approval during his time in office (Obama is at 48% and dropping).  15 years later, after history has shown his true political impact, 73% of Americans approve of Reagan, the highest since Kennedy.  In fact, according to gallup, he is considered the 3rd greatest President of all time.  Even I’d argue against that putting Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson in front of him at the very least. (
In fact, the top three Presidents considered the greatest, were 3 real presidents, not corporate cronies. Kennedy, Lincoln, and Reagan. Two were killed in office, one was shot at and nearly died. Let’s not forget bankers tried to kill Andrew Jackson twice and failed.
So enough is enough with political distractions.  Wake up with me.  Stop thinking that government is the answer or even honest. Start waking up to the fact that the president doesn’t really run the country, the corporations and global elite do.  Wake up to the fact, that yes when properly deployed, trickle down does work, but not when evil people are running the show. In order for it to work, people need to invest in America, create manufacturing, and go from there.  The global elite just take and give nothing.  That was never the premise of trickle down economics.  When it has been given the chance it has worked.  I always laugh when democrats lower taxes to help the economy.  That is a form of trickle down bozo!
How you can look at the job Obama has done since taking office is anything, but a disaster in beyond me.  Bush was a major screw up, Clinton was a joke (We are heavily paying for NAFTA), and Obama is a clown.  This country is going into the pooper very quickly, so open your mind to what is happening beyond the cable news, sound bytes, and talking points.  You should have been scared with the President of the United States (Bush) pleaded to the american people to go out and spend money.
This is how I think, this is who I am.  You won’t ever change me as I’m awake and see beyond the fence sitting divide created by the very rich people who are laughing at us all right now.  I want a better country, not one run by the elite that we have now.  PERIOD.

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