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Price of Oil? Not Supply/Demand. It’s Debt!

Alright, so to start I was alive during the Bush years where oil ran up in price.  Of course, all liberals out there constantly attacked the Presidnet for the rising price of oil because he was an “Oil Man” as they referred.  Of course, claims that Bush had anything secret to do with the rising price of oil was ludicrous at best and showed that liberals and anyone who blamed him directly was in fact wrong.  It is funny that the same thing is happening to President Obama, but now you don’t hear the screams from the left or right that Presidnet Obama is a “Oil Man”.  In fact, you don’t hear anything negative.

Of course, it’s entertaining that Bush always takes the blame even now:!_msnbcs_cenk_on_rising_gas_prices

Here are a few articles back from 2005-2006 when Bush was getting hammered for gas prices.


There were many more, but most of those articles are long gone.  Clearly, oil prices aren’t controlled by a President, but can certainly be affected by a President.  Let’s look at things both Bush and Obama have done/  What can I fine in common with both Presidents that would increase the price of gasoline by 150%???  Mmm….  How about adding trillions to our deficit and printing money from a Kinko’s!  Both Obama and Bush have skyrocketed inflation and while the mass media and political partisan bullshitters try to pin the mess on some other reason and redirect the audience, the facts stare you in the face.  Oil in pegged to the Dollar.  Since 2001, inflation has rose 26.3%.  That means if you purchased $20 of gasoline in 2001, the same amount is costing you $25.25 in 2011.  Since 2009 inflation has rose %4.2.  However, that is just the impact of inflation on it’s own.  Then there is the fact that all world oil supply is traded in US dollars.  Now even for the simple minded liberal nut or the crazy right-winged loon can see that if we are devaluing the dollar by quantitative easing

2 (QE2), that we must be spending more dollars to by the same amount of oil we bought a year ago.

Because the U.S. dollar is the world’s reserve currency, it is used for the exchange of oil and other commodities, it keeps our dollar in demand and falsely valued higher than it should.  Can you imagine what would happe

n if the Euro replaced the dollar as the world’s currency at the World Bank.  Ouch to the dollar and welcome massive inflation. Also keep in mind that with are mounting debt that other countries might start unloading dollars anyway they can.

We know that demand is heavily down with the bad world economy and the fact that a massive energy loving country like Japan has been stopped by huge earthquakes and nuclear meltdown.  SO its not supply and demand.  Could it be that the President disrupted off-shore oil production. Certainly that didn’t help, nor is the fact that the United States hasn’t added a gas refinery in over 30 years! The last refinery built in the US was in Garyville, Louisiana, and it started up in 1976.  Now, I think we use more oil since 1976, so it would make sense to fix the choke point we are at now.  However, environmental groups and regulations have prevented the building of new refineries and therefore making GAS, not OIL more expensive.  You can blame the government, environmental whacko’s, and big oil for this reason.

So, why is the President investigating speculators and price gauging?  Could it be that if he stepped out and said this to the American people that maybe he’d be kicked out of office in 2012 (This is not a real quote by President Obama):

To the American people.  I know that you’ve seen a steep rise in the price of gas since I’ve been your President from $1.84 per gallon to over $4.00.  This is not happening to us because of speculators, wall street, supply and demand, or even wars in the Middle East.  Sure, those reasons can attribute to the rise in the cost of crude oil, but they are not the primary reason.  Since I took office, I have overseen the borrowing of nearly $4 trillion dollars, created useless and costly financial reform, and force fed the American people a costly health care plan.   Most you you may not know that our dollar is pegged to the price of oil as it is many commodities like wheat, cotton, gold, silver, copper, and corn.  The reason you are seeing a huge spike in prices for these and other commodites is because I have been inflating our currency at a rapid rate.  With additional dollars created by the US Treasury, the same amount of oil you bought in 2008 is costing you much more because the devaluation of the dollar by my administration.

That wasn’t an actual quote by the President, but it should be.


Let’s get real America.  You are feeling the pinch for our rising debt and the inflation that is slowly creeping in from it.  Whether it’s just the reality of a broken system and a nation desperately trying to save it’s economy or it’s a conspiracy to bring down the US economy to join a more global economy, that facts are the facts.  The Tea Party might be off-base in some areas, but them and the Libertarians have one thing right.  We need to cut spending by trillions and pay down our debt.

Oh, and eliminate the Federal Reserve!

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