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Should Poor People Die?

Should Poor People Die?

By Vic Colfari

Seems like an unlikey or even insane question, right?  However, this is a question that will have to be answered or is even being answered right now.  I had a recent conversation with The Craziest Of Liberals (TCOL).  He was all ravenous and geared up because the evil Republicans (as he calls them) were trying to take away funding from Planned Parenthood. He was full of venom, assumptions, and bullshit, so getting the facts through his mess of logic was quite hard. Let me try to take away the politics from this arguement and see what it looks like as I strip away the bullshit. 

The argument made by The Craziest Of Liberals was that Republicans should love Planned Parenthood because it’s saving the government billions in welfare money by killing off poor babies through teenage or generally poor women abortions.  To sum his whole point up, he supports the idea of killing people to save the government entitlement money.  Now to be fair, this is entirely on the assumption that all babies aborted are in fact poor  babies with little reason or worth to live.  What about the wealthy 16-year old Catholic school girl who gets knocked-up by her boyfriend.  She’s too ashamed to tell her parents, so has an abortion at a Planned Parenthood without their knowing.   That baby wasn’t poor and guess what?  Many aren’t.

Now the Republicans want to cut federal spending in general and of course they don’t like Planned Parenthood, so  with massive budget deficits they choose Planned Parenthood to cut, saving the taxpayers around $350 million.  The botton-line is this, We are $15 trillion in the hole and staring down the barrel of another $2.5 trillion in 2012.  So it makes complete sense to cut the funding of an organization that makes over $1 billion in revenues and over $100 million in profit.  How Planned Parenthood is even called a non-profit organization when it has profits like that is bullshit alone. 

I get it.  They do wonderful things like help prevent the spread of diseases, give free examinations and tests, free condoms, and lots more.  Still, they are not a non-profit organization and therefore should not receive federal funding.  I also get it that they receive $350 million from the federal government and only profit like $160 million.  Well, I guess we all have to tighten are belts and educate on lesser dollars.  Maybe get more donations? 

It’s a simple point conservatives in the worthless government are making.  We are broke as a nation and for now, programs like these must continue to operate on revenues and donations alone, not a broke government destroying it’s future and credibility.  It makes sense, not from a political standpoint, but from a moralistic and financial one.  The U.S. government cannot continue to blow money on every Tom, Dick, and Harry non-profit or PROFIT organization that wants it.  

So back to the original question, Should Poor People Die? I mean here is the argument made by many liberals including The Craziest Of  Liberals; killing unborn babies saves us from spending billions more on welfare, while also saving a young sole from a tortured poor life.  Like people without cable or internet at the house!

Well if liberals think its OK to kill unborn babies because they are a strain on the entitlement system, then why not just OFF poor people who are draining it now?  Screw it, get old people and poor people.  Hey, if you draw welfare for two years, your dead.  If you constantly require food stamps, YOU’RE DEAD!  If you require unemployment beyond six months, YOU’RE DEAD!  If you are too sick and old, FORGET HEALTH CARE, YOU’RE DEAD!

Are you getting it now?  Once you establish that it is OK to kill an unborn baby in order to save the government money or to save yourself the guilt of seeing a poor person walking down your street, then what you are in-fact agreeing to is murdering someone because the are too expensive or a liability.  That is sick at any level, for any reason.

So TCOL (The Craziest Of Liberals), if you are in fact advocating that it’s OK for Planned Parenthood to profit from killing unborn babies in the sake of saving Federal CA$H, and then ask the Federal government to supply PP with $350 million to fund programs that help save the lives of those less fortunate, I have to ask WHY?  Really?  I mean what you are saying is they profit to kill, but we pay to save, huh? 

How about this you crazy ass liberals.  How about we just stop funding Planned Parenthood $350 million, so many more thousands of poor people (minorities included) will die.  Based on your rational that we save federal money by aborting future welfare recipients, you should completely agree with cutting the funds to reduce even more pressure on entitlements.

How about we just get rid of this ridculous company and just handle this set of issues in an entirely different way.  Planned Parenthood is not the buisness model needed for this problem in today’s world.

As a compassionate and humane society, we cannot find it acceptable in any reason that we say it’s OK to kill a person just to save money, time, or guilt.  


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