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The Liberal Elite of Hollywood have Lost Their Minds and History!

Holy conniption fit! The elitists in Hollywood have officially gone off the deep end and attempted to win, “The Howard Dean I’m Nuts Award” with that amazing performance at the 2017 Oscars.  Nothing makes me more happy then to see a bunch of overdressed, overpaid, mentally broken rich people who lack any true view of reality lecturing us on our politics. Let’s examine this a bit more closely through the lens of a normal rational human.


Every year they hold what feels like a zillion award shows in the span of three months.  They fill up the airways with their pomp and pageantry and force us to gush at all their lavish style.  These award shows are not to hand out awards to great servants like police, fireman, teachers, non-profit organizations or any other person who may have had an powerful impact on their family, community or the world.   They all get together to pat themselves on the back with richly gold awards, while competing for who can show more cleavage. Then on top of that, they use the award show as a pulpit with a large audience to spew their own form of hatred.  I love how they think hate only comes from the right, when EVERYTHING they spew is hate for the President, conservative values, and the people who elected him and hold those values.

At some point they have to shake their heads and understand that the majority of the country is conservative and we also buy movie tickets.  Like allot of movie tickets. Do they not care about the people they may alienate?  The quick answer is yes. They think they are elite and feel that because their art is seen by so many people, that if used correctly it will get their persuasive points across.  Of course, there is a slight problem. Nobody is watching the shitty movies they put out these days, so now they use award shows and even commercials to attack the opposition.   They honestly believe that we desperately can’t wait to hear their thoughts on President Trump or opinions on political issues.  I’ll tell you this, I care more about the opinion of my barber then I do these fools.  Liberals and primarily the liberal elites in Hollywood are in full on hate mode.  They don’t care who they attack and they certainly don’t care who they offend.


Last year, the Oscars were accused of being racist.  Yes, Hollywood has been and still is the most racist industry in the world.  Their past history is mired by not allowing blacks to act in major roles or any for that matter, painting white people to play characters who were black or Indian, and always making movies that depict blacks, Indians, and Mexicans as thugs and killers.  The first black person to win an Oscar (supporting actress) was Hattie McDaniel in 1939 for her amazing performance in Gone With The Wind. While her acceptance speech was short, it was powerful with the racism she felt in her industry and the hope that it would change someday.   I’ve included a link to the video of her acceptance speech.  Since Hattie’s win, roughly 30 more African Americans went on to win Oscars over the next 75+ years, mostly in sound, song, or original score categories. You might be thinking that number seems a little low and racist and you are correct.  That is Hollywood. Hollywood loves to lecture the world on it’s morality, but refuses to apologize for it’s past and mistakes.  While it quietly corrects itself under the pressure of  society it is still laying out the vision that it wants American to see.


No other industry has a greater impact on how America views itself then Hollywood.  The music industry is a close second, but the vision of America that is portrayed to the entire world is seen through the camera lens of Hollywood. I grew up in the 1980’s and early 1990’s.  While I had plenty of friends of all colors and creeds I did not understand the view that was I seeing in Hollywood.  Most movies during that time period portrayed blacks as thugs in gangs (i.e. Boyz In The Hood, Menace To Society), criminals, or drug addicts to name a few. Mexicans were portrayed as low wage workers (servants), gardeners, lazy, and drug users (i.e. Cheech and Chong).  For the entirety of my childhood Indians were bad guys except for  Tonto and Squanto.  I didn’t even know who Sacagawea was till they put her on a U.S. coin.  That was the racist perception that Hollywood gave entire generations of children.  Through their movies and TV shows they taught us to fear minorities and that for the most part they were most likely bad guys.  It was Hollywood that not only perfected institutional racism, but they also spread it like wild fire into the minds of our children and adults across the world.

Could they have done it differently? Of course they could have, but they didn’t.  The Democratic party has always been racist.  This is a theme you will see in their history and one we will expose on this site as often as possible.  One of the tentacles of the Democratic party is Hollywood.  It’s job is to create the reality they want in the minds of Americans, so they can then create the narrative.  If there is no major racism in the country, then Democrats can’t call conservatives racist, so they have to create it by showing racism on TV, in the movies, and on the news.  Look at the Michael Brown incident.  Democrats already knew that the political narrative of the 2016 election was going to be “racism”, so when that incident occurred in Ferguson, Missouri the Democrats made sure it was racist and with the help of George Soros formed Black Lives Matter and now we have our 2016 election narrative. That will repeat itself time and time again. In fact, the racist narrative has grown so large that the simple mentioning of black people by conservatives and we are automatically deemed “racist”.


Democrats rely on the black vote to win.  In fact, they rely on all minority voters to win any election.  Democrats have not won the white vote since 1960, so it’s imperative to win the minorities.  To do this they have to keep minorities needing their help and services.  The only way to do that is to keep them poor and under their financial control.  While I’m not going to go into detail on that in this article, just note it.  Democrats use the tentacle of Hollywood to create the narrative that for example the black community is preyed upon by conservatives or in general white people.  To further that cause, Hollywood has now changed their format for the sake of Donald Trump and they are now producing movies and shows like Black-ish, Fences, and Moonlight.  Let’s not forget 12 years a slave, The Butler, Selma, and others.  Whether this entertainment is meant to entertain us or teach us, it is setting up a new or updated narrative.  White people are the problem in the lives of minorities and the only white people on the side of minorities are liberals.

Now we have African Americans being nominated at tremendous rates. In 2015 and 2016, there were zero nominees for non-white actors. ZERO. After all the outrage by black actors and the community, things had to change for the Oscars.  In 2017,  16 (7 for actors and 9 for non-white subject films) were nominated. did something happen Hollywood?  ZERO over two years and then BOOM a 1600% increase.

Nothing changed.  Hollywood got caught again being racist, so they changed there ways to keep the Democratic base happy, while also fending off a revolt.  They also attempted to take themselves out of the very racist talk that has now been reserved for Donald Trump and his white supporters.


Back to the point we started with, the blowholes have to stop.  We these actors get up on stage and start reeling off political hate and nonsense it’s as scripted as the role they are being nominated for.  They know ahead of time what they are doing and what they are saying.  It is all planned.  They do it because they are told too or they want the attention and admiration of their colleagues.  I ask this question to all actors.  Would you stand up in from of an audience of regular American people and spout that shit? How about in front of CPAC?  I didn’t think so.  only when you are surrounded in your snowflake safe space of your own award shows.  White the rest of us are trying to help America become great again, you guys are going nuts attacking the very people who pay your paychecks, while you parade the peasants in front of the world like you did during the 2017 Academy Awards.  Nice job Kimmel.



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