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We Celebrate Women on International Women’s Day & Yes, We Love You For Everything You Do!

Today is International Women’s Day and while there is no “Men’s Day”, we will still celebrate with our favorite sex of our species, women.  As a married man with a daughter and a mom, I recognize the contribution that women bring to family and society.  They are the bedrock of the family and the heart of our nation.  They are the mothers who care for the youth of the nation and they are the wives of the men helping to power our nation forward.  On top of that, they contribute in anyway they see fit and that my friends is the American Dream.  During WWII women showed what they could contribute, while the men went off to war. They built the planes, tanks, guns, and anything else that was necessary for the war effort.  The reality is, women can do anything men can do.  They are equal to men in every way and should be given every opportunity for the empowerment of themselves.

The greatest impact women have and will continue to have on our civilization is the amazing job they do of being a mother. It’s the greatest job a women will ever choose to accept and the most important title that can be bestowed upon them.  Men can be Presidents, Directors, and Managers, but men cannot be a “mother”.  In order to celebrate women, we must celebrate the biggest impact they  truly have and that is raising the youth of the world. No job is more important and selfless. It’s a job that we all recognize is way underpaid (haha) and one that a mom won’t always get the credit deserved.  I love my mom.  She had her issues raising us, but she did it without a father present and raised four healthy and educated boys.  Pretty tough task if you ask me.  If I switched places with her, I wouldn’t have made it a week.  As a father of three I recognize that and I see the tough work that this job demands on my wife.  The horrible reality of where we stand on this International Women’s Day in 2017 is so detrimental to the foundations of our society because it directly impacts our children.

Not all women want to be moms and not all women want to stay home and care for the home and raise the children.   Since institutional feminism poisoned the mind of the government and women, convincing them to leave the home and become taxpayers, our children have suffered.  In the past 50 wonderful years of feminism(please read that line with sarcasm), we have see our children suffer in education, behavior,and even marriages is facing extinction.  When women decided to become moms before feminism, in many cases they had the option to stay home.  Jobs were plentiful for the men and inflation was under control.  Since the government joined with feminism to take women out of the home and join the workforce it has caused a myriad problems as for every action, there will be consequences.  Jobs are harder to find for anyone these days, kids behavior is out of control with both parents working, and marriages are falling apart at a rapid rate.

Women are the most amazing creatures God ever created. There talents exceed those of men and for far too long they were held back.  I just wish my country had a system setup that encouraged and helped moms stay home as much as they help moms go out and get a good job.  Our values are so screwed up and you can only blame the lousy feminism movement.

My wife would love to stay home an raise our children, but unfortunately there is no support for that and we cannot afford it.  Way to go Uncle Sam!

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