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Who Are the NEW Fascist Nazis? The Right or the Left…..

Since Donald Trump started his run for President of the United States, the words Fascist and Nazi have been tossed around like candy canes at Christmas.  Now, let’s just state the facts, calling someone a Nazi is a pretty harsh claim and assuming that person or group of people aren’t saying , “HEY WE ARE NAZIS!”, then you better damn well have some evidence to back it up.

If you step outside of the reality that the left and the mainstream media creates for you, then you will easily see what they are doing.  The left always needs a villian.  They operate with the same story line that comics books do.  Every great comic book story has a hero and a villain.  The story often start with the villain attacking and getting what they want, only to eventually be thwarted by the heroes.

This is playbook for the Alt-left and for most of the democratic party.  They have turned great Americans and genuinely nice people into absolute villains just because they don’t buy into the leftist agenda.  Just look at what they do to their own.  If you are a black man, who is conservative, you are an “Uncle Tom”.  If you are a gay conservative like Peter Theil, then you are not really gay.  If you are a supporter of men’s rights, but you are a women like Karen Straughan, then you are called ugly, dike, a person nobody wants.  You never see that kind of language coming out of conservative mouths.  Sure, conservatives have their own far right folks, but they are not in the mainstream of our thoughts and they have a very small voice in the vast number of voices that echo from conservatives.

So back the the insane left and their need for a villain.  Just saying you disagree with President Trump isn’t enough, they create a villain by calling him a Nazi, racist, and running a fascist government.  Allow me to correct my liberal friends.

First off, the United States government could never be fascist.  It’s got what we call checks and balances.  As long at the Constitution allows the President to do something, he can and it’s not fascist.  Let’s go ahead and define Fascism before we go forward,

a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition

OK, so right off the bat you cannot be a fascist in America because we don’t have dictators.  However, that does not stop the left from calling our current President a Nazi, which is even worse than a Fascist.  A ludicrous claim at best. Now, a Nazi is a member of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP), which is far closer to the left than one would think.

So to call any American a Nazi, is a serious claim and should be criminal or at the very least libel in civil court.  However, to be fair, I want to examine tactics of Hitler and the Nazi’s during their short rain of existence.  Of course it is worth noting that liberals get most of their political philosophies from Western Europe, and in the that heart lies Germany.

An easy way to examine which side of the spectrum is truly more closely aligned with Hitler and the Nazis is to just examine what the Nazis did and what the stood for. Let’s get started.

  1. Führer – the idea that there should be a single leader with complete power rather than a democracy.  So, where do we see the closest example of this in our  politics and parties.  FDR would probably qualify as a Nazi.  He signed Executive Order 6102, which in effect robbed the people of their wealth by forcing the people to turn in all their gold for paper money.  He also tried to expand the Supreme Court to get his unconstitutional laws passed by packing the Supreme Court with up to 15 judges form the current number of 9.  In more modern times, Barrack Obama signed many executive orders as though he was a dictator and I’m not talking about soft ones either. I’m talking big ones like EOs effecting Immigration, healthcare and other situations that should have been handled by Congress.   If you didn’t notice, Obama ran the government under his own terms.
  2. Aryan race was superior and other races subhuman. I don’t believe either party subscribes to this side of the Nazis, but left-winged crazies often want to rid the world of anything that is not up to their political ideas.  Also, they have no problem with killing babies only because they are unwanted.
  3. They were Socialists.  Its in the party name and they were a party which lathered itself in Socialism.  The left is all about the power of Socialism and so were the Nazi.  The Nazi appealed to the poor for support, but did nothing for them except take advantage of their labor and support.  The democrats do the same for blacks and Hispanics.  Often scaring them with propaganda that the right will hurt them if elected, but they will always take care of them.  Look at our minorities in their current light and see how well the past 50 years of Democratic control over our inner cities has worked out for them.  Hitler and the Nazis believed that all public utilities should be under the control of the central government.
  4. Propaganda – The Nazi with Josef Goebbels were masters of Propaganda and convincing the German people of whatever they needed too.    While there is no modern day Josef Goebbels, the left does control all the top Propaganda tools.  Public schools, Hollywood, Music, and the MEDIA.  When you see just how embedded the Democratic party is with all those entities you should be scared.  If they have a thought or idea that they need spread to all the people, they have a variety of mediums at their control to spread their message.  This is the absolute danger that the is eroding our freedoms today and it’s the power of one party. THINK ABOUT IT.  Liberals control every medium except radio and you call conservatives the fascists?
  5. Fear the Germany was in Danger – Classic liberalism here.  From Joe Biden telling blacks that republicans want to put them back in chains or telling homosexuals that conservatives want to kill them or that Republicans want women bare foot and pregnant.  That is Nazi fear mongering at it’s best.
  6. Gun Control – In order to coalesce all the power in an a government, you will have to prevent the people from fighting back.  In the early 1930’s, Hitler used gun registration records to disarm those he thought were his “enemies”.  In 1938, he prohibited Jews from owning guns and confiscated all guns in their possession.  He went on to genocide 6 million defenseless Jews. Today, liberals want to ban guns and take them out of the hands of all people, but we know only law abiding citizens would not own guns. The criminals and the military force of the government will be the only people with guns.  Doesn’t sound safe to me.

This article could go on forever and I’d be happy to debate it with anyone.  Nobody in American politics should be compared to awful Nazis, but the one party using plays out of the Nazis playbook would be the Democrats.  Swallow that.



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